“A community of practice is a community established by members who wish

to develop their specific expertise through open participation in the creation and

exchange of knowledge.”                          (Harvard Business Review, Jan/Feb. 2000)



Talking to others who face the same challenges as you do.

Headteachers who wish to send emails to their colleagues as well as receiving them.


•It costs just £135 for an annual subscription to email headteachers as many times as you like.


•You will receive a report of how many headteachers opened your email and if links are inserted in the email, how many clicked on these.


•We will forward any emails to you directly, most often these will include the respondents' direct email in case you want to follow up anything with them. We forward these emails rather than have headteachers directly reply to you to as it is more efficient for us to sift through the replies and the automatic 'I am away on holiday' replies.


•There is no username or password to remember as we hold the details for your email address which notifies us of whether you can send emails or not.


•You can stipulate whom you would like to email ie Primary Heads in a particular local authority or email, or even who not to email.


•You can send emails anonymously.

Headteachers opting in to receive emails only.



•You will receive a MAXIMUM of three emails a week only which are pertinent to your school. For example, Primary School Headteachers will receive primary related emails only unless it is a general education email sent by a Headteacher.


•You can reply to the email anonymously or with your name attached. The reply will come to RAISE Education who will then forward it to the inital emailer with or without your contact details.


•You are under no obligation to reply to the emails you receive.


•Being part of the group to receive emails from other Heads is free.