To discover how we can be there for your family then simply get in touch.



Your Child,

Our Responsibility


Once we have met with you and your child, your child

is assigned one Raise Member who will be the main contact for you and your child.


Our clients’ security is paramount. Every member of the team has an annual Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check,  and has completed Safeguarding training.


We understand that many of you lead high profile lives therefore require greater control on the information about you and your family.We are well versed in the currency of social media for your child, however, we do not hold any social media accounts, either for personal and business use.   This makes us a private, albeit rare breed, but is a mustin eeping our own as well as our clients’ digital footprints to the absolute minimum.


We also enter into a confidentiality agreement with our Concierge clients which ensures that no dealings are discussed beyond our clients and pupils.


Our Concierge service offers you peace of mind, confidentiality,  and educational expertise. Integrity steers our service.


We are only able to take on a limited number of clients in order to maintain an uncompromising quality of service. To discover how we can be there for your family then simply get in touch with us. We would be happy to answer any of your queries and look forward to hearing from you.


When your child is far away from you in another country, you will worry, par for the course for a parent. 'Are we doing the best for our child? Are they doing their best?' These are just a few of the questions that parents of pupils studying abroad here in the UK ask.  Our Concierge service is here to alleviate your concerns, through timely intervention and information.


Our team  are not only experts in the field of education having been employed as teachers and inspectors themselves, but are parents themselves. They know what your concerns will be because we have had them with our own. By providing a bespoke service, individually tailored to answer our clients’ very specific needs you can rest assured that your child always has somebody to turn to while they are in their host county.


We will do everything from shortlisting schools based on the family’s requirements, applications, attending parents evening, arranging birthdays, advising, organising extra tuition or summer camps, collect to and from the airport, report back discretely on friendship circles and of course, academic progress.  In short, we are on hand 24-7 for your child. Why 24-7? Well, there will always be a situation which merits an immediate response and you require peace of mind.


After each interaction we will communicate with the outcomes.