From 1 September 2012, the amended School Information Regulations require governing bodies of maintained schools to publish specified information on a website.                                       P.52 Governors Handbook.


Does your school’s website meet statutory requirements?

Is your school website free from spelling and grammar mistakes?

Does your school website demonstrate good website practice including E-safety?






Undertaken by experienced school leaders, we check your website for not only statutory content, but for good practice such as E-safety and spelling and grammar. An action plan is then compiled informing governing bodies and headteachers exactly what needs to be done to make certain their websites meet requirements. The action plan is emailed to you and the headteacher and can be handed directly to the individual maintaining the website.


We are all firm believers that school websites must exemplify the high standards that are expected of our pupils and to that end must strive to be beyond reproach ourselves. That is why we review the website from the point of view of a school inspector, prospective parent and the school itself. As one Headteacher put it, 'We never got our school prospectus published without checking for mistakes so why the website which is seen by thousands more?..’



Governors Handbook

To see what governing bodies must publish on their websites please click on the link below. We have already highlighted the relevant sections of the handbook for you.



The Governors Handbook states that it is the governing body’s responsibility to ensure key information is displayed on a website; for many that will be the school website.


However, too many still do not meet statutory requirements largely as a result of not knowing exactly what and how information should be presented and because website maintenance takes much time. At Raise Education we began last year, at the request of some Headteachers, to offer a school website review service to address these concerns and the service has grown phenomenally!