“We never got our school prospectus published without checking for mistakes so why not the website which is seen by thousands more?”

A little history lesson

Contact us using the form below with any suggestions as to other services you consider are not delivered well in education and we shall see what we can do.








Raise Education specialises in providing services to education that aren't provided very well elsewhere.


Our Values:


In our delivery of niche services to education we will abide by  five prevailing principles (FEVER):


Flexible: we aim to deliver services that are flexible in meeting the changing the needs of education.


Empathetic: we will seek to listen and understand the values and unique needs of each client.


Value for Money: our services should be competitively priced and offer best value in terms of both cost and quality.


Experience: only experienced personnel will be deployed in delivering our services.


Reliable: our clients should know, through experience and service with us, that we always offer reliability.










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