Because of who they are, what they know, and how they are positioned, pupils' knowledge of their school is essential to the life of that school.

Eliciting pupils' responses not just to their work but to their school is the responsibility of all to ensure education is being done with them and not to them.


Schools elicit at considerable expense, the views of others on performance but it is the views and insight of pupils in particular that has the potential to  maximise the performance for all. In fact, it is the pupils that inspectors turn to, to find out what behaviour, safety, teaching and learning really look like.


Pupil Voice is important but all too often it is left to the School Council or the annual paper survey to pick up. We have launched our new pupil voice service which lets you know what your pupils really think of behaviour, teaching and learning. The findings can also be presented to inspectors during the time of an inspection, along with other available evidence.


Option number 1 is the Digital Survey where we create the survey and gather the findings too. Here you let us create a custom digital survey which asks your pupils pertinent questions about their school. A link is issued for you to share with all your pupils which lets them access the school's online survey either in or out of school hours. The findings are then collated by us in a report and presented to you for your consideration into the SEF and SDP. We are happy to read through any SEF's or SDP's provided (although you are under no obligation to send these) in order to further tailor the questions we put to  your pupils.


In organising the online questions we are mindful that the questions need to mimic those of Parent View and the sort school inspectors ask themselves during an inspection as well as those arising from the school's previous inspection report (PIR), SEF and SDP.  Our digital survey also llows for the gathering of quantitative and qualititative data to find meaningul information, or as we call it, intel from your pupils. We save the school time, allowing it to concentrate on the findings by offering a more meaningful survey as opposed to a generic one fits all.


Option number 2 is the 360 Pupil Voice Review

Should you consider the school needs greater assistance with pupil voice, we operate our 360 Pupil Voice Review which includes not only the digital survey above but also a visit from one of our Raise Education members to the school to conduct pupil voice interviews with groups of pupils. The findings from this and the digital survey are presented  but we also track comments in the SDP and SEF for you to consider in light of the findings. Only a Raise Ed member who has led in pupil voice during school inspection will visit the school.




Why Choose Us?


•There are two options for schools depending on their journey in pupil voice. For schools simply wanting pupils to complete an online survey created by Raise Education but asking the questions the school wants, then order the Pupil Voice Online Survey only.  For those schools who want a fuller picture of what pupils think about their school, then order the 360 Pupil Voice Review.


• Members of our team leading the reviews have themselves, up until very recently, led on pupil voice during section 5 inspections.


•We are trained in speaking with all groups of pupils so every pupil's viewpoint is represented.


•The questions we ask of your pupils are not only those that take in to account those asked by Parent View, but those that inspectors are most likely to ask in relation to the areas of the Section 5 Inspection and those arising from the school's SEF and/or SDP.


•The process is simple and can always be tailored to meet individual school needs.


•We are not affiliated with any other service provider or pupil voice software so will not try to sell you other services. We pride ourselves on what we do.