Your website is your prospectus...


“and so much more.”


The DfE requires all schools to publish key information online to inform prospective and current school stakeholders. Inspectors too, in the newly-revised Ofsted School Inspection Handbook (September 2014), are charged with the duty to use all available evidence to develop an initial picture of the school’s academic performance.


At Raise Education we can review your school’s website and present the findings in an action plan succinctly highlighting the steps to be taken to ensure your website  meets statutory requirements. Even schools who consider their websites are in good order are always surprised to learn of the basic information missing and simple grammatical errors. We’ve helped many schools bring their websites in line with requirements and would like the opportunity to review yours.


Click on  the example website report to give an idea of what will be emailed to you.



The report acts as a simple health check of your own website as well as ensuring the website’s integrity is maintained; it costs just £235 for most infant, primary  and junior schools  and £275 for secondary schools and colleges.


Prices exclude Vat.



Why Choose Us?


•We are leaders in the field of  school website reviews. This service began at the request of headteachers who struggled

to keep their websites compliant. It is expected by the DfE that school update their websites as soon as possible after a change and at least annually.


•The website review service we offer is the best value for money.


•The reviews are undertaken only by experienced school leaders who know how to read key documents. For example, we check that your pupil premium information actually contains the information inspectors require. We do not just take it at face value.


•We check for not only statutory content but for good practice, spellings and grammar. Our reviewers are members of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.


•The action plan we produce can be handed to whoever maintains the website in order to implement the recommended changes. This means minimal involvement from SMT in the administrative aspect of the website at least.


•We are not affiliated with any website design agencies as our expertise depends on being impartial.