Train you midday staff the Raise Education way.





Our midday training courses includes the following:



  • Introduction to the role of Professional Midday Standards (these can be used by the school as a benchmark of standards when there is the next appraisal of midday staff's performance)

  • School Inspections and the role the midday plays in helping inspectors to form judgements

  • The benefits of a good midday break for pupils

  • How to and why promote positive play

  • Positive lining up techniques

  • Assisting Pupils in the Dining Room in making the right choices, using manners and cutlery etc...

  • Encouraging Healthy eating and continuing the healthy learning from the D and T curriculum

  • Managing Pupils’ Behaviour

  • Inclusion

  • Promoting independence at lunchtime to encourage and promote outstanding behaviour

  • Managing pupil information including midday staff's own use of social media.

  • Safeguarding

  • Common Food Allergens

  • Basic First Aid

  • Health and Safety

  • Midday Training Assessment (multiple choice answers).




What would you say if we said we could offer all your midday supervisors online training to help them to perform their role? We hope you would say ‘yes’ but recognise you need an answer to your first question and that is £39 per person exc vat.


How is the training accessed?

If you are interested in the online midday staff training then simply email [email protected] with the full names of all trainees. The office will be given a username and password for each trainee. No special software is required other than access to the internet.


We can even monitor performance to see who has completed the training? What’s more, is that if you require all midday supervisors to access and read school specific policies we can personalise the training for you by adding this to the course. This costs an additional £100 but can include any number of policies you wish to see included on your school specific midday training course.  


Once the training is completed  your midday supervisors will be equipped with the knowledge to improve standards, as well as a certificate which can be kept as a record  by your school to show the investment made in midday staff.








Training Outcomes