School Rolling Website Reviews



To order the Rolling Annual Website Review, please complete the order form on this webpage.



Terms and Conditions:


Raised Education Ltd will notify all schools of any updates to school website requirements made by the DfE and/or The Academies Financial Handbook (should the latter apply)  providing we have your current email address.


Cancellations of the Rolling Website Review service can be made at any time by schools but we require four weeks’ notice. The cancellation should be made using the words (Cancel Annual) in the email’s subject bar to [email protected]


Annual website reviews  will be performed during June, July and August, in time for the September of each academic year, (unless otherwise stated).  However, should you have a preferred date for us to perform the review then simply stipulate this in an email  to [email protected]


By placing an order for the Rolling Website Review service you agree to the above terms and conditions.


Please note Raise Education Limited will only invoice the school when the review is emailed to you.  


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