Knowing Is Not Enough;

We Must Apply.

From September 2015, to support a new Ofsted judgement on personal development, behaviour and welfare, inspectors will “visit the canteen to see the atmosphere and culture in the dining space and the effect this has on pupils’ behaviour”.  


Fifteen percent of the school day for pupils is devoted to the lunchtime experience yet despite this being a significant proportion of the school day it can often be the most overlooked. Learning does not end in the classroom but can continue in the dining hall. School lunchtime experiences impact on pupils’ mental, physical and social development and can set up their ability to learn in the afternoon.


Midday supervisors play a challenging part in ensuring a positive lunchtime experience, made all the more difficult because training to update knowledge and skills is not always offered to them. Yet it is the school that needs to define the expectations for lunchtime and the midday supervisors’ role to enable these to be met. Do your midday supervisors know what these expectations are?


If the answer is no then our training will help.


The Professional Standards for the school catering workforce launched in Jul 105 clearly defines the ‘knowledge’, ‘skills’ and ‘behaviours’ for midday supervisors.


Click here for the professional standards.










For further information on the training options we offer for midday supervisors email [email protected] or use the dropdown form below.  We will then email the training options to you. Prices begin from £595 for a day’s training and these usually take place during your chosen weekday, on school site and around midday supervisors' lunchtime commitments.  While we train against the professional standards and award certificates for this, our training can also be tailored to the culture of each school using pupil voice, asking pupils the sort of questions inspectors do and lunchtime observation.



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Let our training impact the culture of your school lunchtimes.