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Critical Thinking Review

Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Critical thinking should be the bedrock of all schools in order to prepare learners for a life beyond schools walls and for jobs and roles not yet invented. Yet, it is often not given the importance it deserves. If yours is a school that values critical thinking then we can undertake a review to share what you need to do in order to further embed this in your curriculum. You can be sure you have given your learners the best possible chance at taking life on in an age where thinking appears to be done for and to them; in the age of artificial intelligence and digital media, critical thinking will make the difference. 

  • Problem-solving skills: Critical thinking enhances students' ability to analyse complex problems, evaluate evidence, and develop effective solutions. These skills are valuable in various academic subjects and real-world situations, equipping students with the ability to tackle challenges and make informed decisions.

  • Analytical reasoning: Critical thinking fosters logical and analytical reasoning abilities. Students learn to examine information objectively, identify biases, detect fallacies, and distinguish between fact and opinion. This helps them become more discerning consumers of information and enables them to think critically about societal issues.

  • Decision-making skills: Critical thinking provides students with a structured approach to decision-making. They learn to consider multiple perspectives, weigh evidence, anticipate consequences, and make informed choices. This empowers them to become responsible and thoughtful decision-makers in their personal and professional lives.

  • Independent thinking: By emphasising critical thinking, schools encourage students to develop their independent thought processes. They learn to question assumptions, challenge established norms, and develop their own perspectives based on evidence and sound reasoning. This fosters creativity, innovation, and the ability to think outside the box.

  • Lifelong learning: Critical thinking cultivates a love for learning and a curiosity to explore ideas. It equips students with the skills to evaluate information critically, adapt to new knowledge, and engage in continuous learning throughout their lives. In an ever-changing world, this ability is crucial for personal growth, career success, and active participation in a democratic society.

  • By integrating critical thinking into the curriculum, schools promote the development of well-rounded individuals who can navigate complex challenges, engage in meaningful discourse, and contribute positively to society.

Costs vary but begin at £1250.

Most reviews are conducted off-site. The reviewer will request specific information, aside from the curriculum which will already be published online.

Thank you for your order/query. We will be in touch in a few hours.

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