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Relocation Education

For new employees who have relocated across the world to your organisation, finding the  right educational setting for their loved ones is just as important as finding the right home. We know that when employees are happy with their children's education, they  have greater overall well-being, reduced stress and the time to focus on their work. However, too many families are still left overwhelmed and unsupported when encountering the British educational landscape. Words such as 'appeals,' 'key stages,'  'EBacc,' '11-plus' and 'Ofsted' can mean much to many but little when you are already faced with the upheaval of a change in work and family life. If you have employees who need help getting the best education for their child, Raise Education will help. We have

devised the most comprehensive educational support service for relocating families looking for an educational setting. Our professional experience as both educators and school inspectors provides us with invaluable insight into how to ‘read’ a school and 
find a place that will meet families' needs. Our education know-how also gives us the credibility and confidence to go that extra mile to ensure a successful outcome.

Why choose us?

  • We are a bespoke service. We understand that no family is the same and, as such, each education advisor is able to deliver a tailored service.

  • We can be trusted as we have been providing educational niche services across the country for many years.

  • We are self-reflective and critical thinkers of education. Because we understand the  pitfalls of educational processes and systems, we are not afraid to probe schools and local authorities to arrive at solutions. Our service aims to get each family the right setting the first time.

  • We support post-school admission too. We do not just leave families on their own once their child has been admitted into the educational setting of their choice. We understand that this is just the start of a longer journey, so we will continue to be here to offer guidance and support. We are just a telephone call or email away.

  • We give back. Our voluntary work in the education sector includes advising on admissions appeals, investigating incidents of bullying or the misapplication of school policies.

Our comprehensive education relocation service is designed to meet the unique needs of each family and help them make the best of all education has to offer here. Services include, though are not limited to:

  • Stage 1 – A telephone or online consultation will take place between one of our advisors and the family in order to establish baseline needs and expectations. We will also share an overview of the British schooling system, including the variety of school types in all  sectors, to help make families make the most of the educational schooling system. Families only ever engage with one dedicated advisor to ensure continuity.

  • Stage 2 - A detailed school search,  which meets the requirements shared in stage 1, is then conducted in educational settings. An online presentation will share our findings and contain headline data to inform each family. This often merits further discussion and questions which the advisor will answer. Families will often be able to shortlist places from the selection before them.

  • Stage 3 - We will arrange visits to any shortlisted places and, where requested, accompany families on their school visit.

  • Stage 4 - After a detailed discussion, one educational setting is shortlisted by the family. We then guide the family through the application process, assisting them throughout until offers are finalised. This is a very important  part of the process, especially for those settings experiencing oversubscription, or where entrance exams need to be taken in order fulfill entry requirements. 

  • Stage 5 – Once an educational setting has been offered to the family and they have accepted, they can access our post-admissions support service to answer any queries throughout the first academic year of their time at the school. We know that if the family are happy in their first year at school, then this is a strong indicator of future satisfaction at the school.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can support new families in your organisation with education relocation support, then please do not hesitate to get in touch at We are confident we can tailor make a service-level-agreement to meet your company's requirements.

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