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Stakeholders' Voice Review

School stakeholders' views matter because they bring diverse perspectives, expertise, and insights that can greatly contribute to decision-making and problem-solving processes. Considering their views as part of your strategic plan fosters inclusivity, collaboration, and shared ownership leading to improvements in the overall quality and relevance of educational initiatives. Stakeholders' views also promote accountability and transparency, as decisions are made in a more democratic and participatory manner. Schools can address concerns, anticipate potential challenges, and become responsive, not reactive.

The most important factor in garnering stakeholder feedback is impartiality and objectivity. Unfortunately, many schools are not always able to conduct these reviews in such a light due to conflicting priorities and understanding.

Collecting and evaluating stakeholders' views takes considerable planning, time and effort. We are experts in this. We know which questions to ask and to whom. We also know when we need to dig deeper. This results in an informed, cohesive and impactful stakeholder review which senior management can use to inform their school's strategic plan for improvement.

Our reviews take place on-site with some aspects conducted online. 

Costs for stakeholder voice reviews vary depending on the size of the school. Please get in touch for a quote by emailing and we will get back to you. 

All on-site visits are conducted by former teachers, former school inspectors and all carry ID and a fully enhanced DBS certificate.

Thank you for your order/query. We will be in touch in a few hours.

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