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Online Midday Training

Ensure your midday training staff are equipped with the knowledge and practical information to make sure the midday experience is a positive one for all. All adults working with children deserve to be armed with the knowledge to do their best and midday staff are often the most overlooked; this happens despite the midday accounting for 15% of a child's experience at school. 

Our online midday training course takes roughly four hours to completed and includes the following:
• Introduction to the role of Professional Midday Standards (these can be used by the school as a benchmark for performance
• School Inspections and the role the midday plays in helping inspectors to form judgements
• The benefits of a good midday break for pupils
• How to, what to and why promote positive play
• Assisting pupils  in making the right choices, using manners and cutlery etc...
• Encouraging healthy eating and continuing the healthy learning from the D and T curriculum
• Managing pupils’ behaviour
• Inclusion
• Promoting independence at lunchtime to encourage and promote outstanding behaviour
• Managing pupil information including midday staff's own use of social media.
• Safeguarding
• Awareness of common Food Allergens

• Basic First Aid
• Midday Training Assessment (multiple choice answers)

Once the training is completed, your midday supervisors will be equipped with the knowledge to do their job, as well as a certificate which can be kept as a record  to show the investment made in midday staff. We can even let you know who has completed the course so you can keep a track. The course requires no specialist IT skills other than logging on.

Midday Training costs just £39 per person.

If you would like your midday staff to have up-to-date knowledge about their role then email with a list of all trainees’ full names.

A username and password for each trainee will then be emailed to you. No special software is required other than access to the internet.

Thank you for your order/query. We will be in touch in a few hours.

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