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The Tree Labeller

If you have trees on-site then labelling your trees and other plants, for that matter, will enhance a visitor's or service user's  experience.

The Tree Labelling service was born out of a need to provide people with the language to describe the array of plant life around us. As we have become more and more connected to environmental causes, we have become more and more detached from the everyday language to refer to the natural environmental. This is not a coincidence. 

We recognise it is often the most simplest of actions that can make the most difference and tree labelling certainly fits that bill.

Our service is not just about the physical tree labelling, but it is also about creating tree spotting resources which can be shared with your visitors or learners.  There is nothing more exciting than a bit of clipboard and paper and an old fashioned treasure hunt. The treasure in this case being trees.

When children and adults in playgrounds, parks and streets and gardens can recognise nature's giants among us then we know they are connected to their environment enough to learn their language. Many people can name logos but few can name a tree.

We live in the age of information where devices can identify plant names just like that but even then plant blindness is not overcome. The simple fact is that physical labels always win simply because they are immediately accessible to all. Just as we all have names; trees deserve theirs too.

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