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Governance Minutes Health Check

What do your governing body minutes say about your school's commitment to its ethos, strategic direction and about holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils?


If you are not sure, we can help. We review all governor meeting minutes to identify how they can be improved by sharing whatis missing from them. We look for patterns of governance functions rather than one-off events so that our review is steeped in evidence and not singular incidents. We understand that external bodies such as Ofsted will access minutes during school inspections or reviews in order to help triangulate conclusions about the effectiveness of governance.

Should you wish to see what your governance minutes say about your school then please email two years' worth of full governing body minutes and we shall do the rest. Email us at for further information.

Costs vary but begin at £750.

You will receive a report in which areas for improvement are clearly marked in your minutes as a track changed document or as a summary. Further recommendations for improvement are given by an experienced reviewer versed in governing board duties as well as school inspection requirements. 

Thank you for your order/query. We will be in touch in a few hours.

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