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Independent Complaints Investigation

Running a school inevitably involves grappling complaints, allegations, and grievances from all school stakeholders. The effective management of complaints and the rigorous execution of impartial investigations are essential responsibilities for school leaders. These tasks demand meticulous attention to detail, adherence to established protocols, and a steadfast commitment to upholding the integrity of the ethos and values of the school as well as relevant policies and the law.

Here is where we can help when you need to ensure impartial, robust and thorough investigations need to be conducted. We understand that the purpose of an investigation is to methodically distinguish fact from conjecture and supposition, follow an evidence-based approach while pursuing and triangulating evidence. 


We take special care to  avoid:
•    Delays in taking prompt action.
•    Imposing due stress on both the individuals under investigation and those who have raised the allegations.
•    Overlooking the need to recognise and protect whistleblowers.
•    Fostering an atmosphere of fear and intimidation that hinders the disclosure of essential information.
•    Neglecting to seek appropriate human resources guidance.
•    Conducting an insufficient investigation.
•    Deviating from an evidence-led approach.
•    Failing to secure statements or evidence properly.
•    Engaging in excessively protracted interviews with unagreed-upon notes.
•    Neglecting to pursue relevant lines of inquiry.
•    Being unable to discern facts from conjecture.
•    Exhibiting deficiencies in evidence gathering, including failing to explore all leads connected to the allegations.
•    Producing inadequate reports that fail to effectively present findings.


Costs vary but  begins at £750.

The outcome of investigation is a report sharing our findings.

Thank you for your order/query. We will be in touch in a few hours.

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